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  1. Video of Battery Replacement on 2008 Smart

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    I replaced the stock battery on my 2008 Smart 451 with an off the shelf battery from NAPA. Battery details are below and I also made a 10 minute video (Vimeo link below as well) of the project (technical and "Smart" commentary) NAPA LEGEND Premium 84 Part Number: BAT...
  2. No second key-need to get one

    smart General Discussion
    I picked up my little Grasshoppa, but she only has one key. This makes me nervous so I'd like to get a replacement. However, I found out they are super expensive (through the rumor mill). I'm hoping someone on here has already figured out a cheaper way to get around this issue? :D
  3. Master key not needed to get another spare

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    There have been postings that if you lose your master key, you must replace the SAM unit to get a new key made at a cost of about $1400. We didn't even know there was a master and a spare when we lost a key. Turned out to be the master and we were quoted $1400 to get a new extra spare key...
  4. Seat Replacement?

    smart General Discussion
    hello fellow smarts! My driver side seat cushion recently ripped and I'm looking for a replacement. I just need the bottom section, not the back part. I called my dealer and they gave me an $800 quote for the seat and labor, but I'm a starving grad student and was hoping to do it myself. Does...
  5. New battery

    New Members Area
    Where can I get a replacement battery 61AH
  6. New Member from South Jersey

    New Members Area
    Hello everyone. Just wanted to say hi...I actually was looking for a link for a video for horn replacement when I found this site. I never did find a link, so I made my own video...however I must have a post count of at least 3 to offer you all the link.... So I'll share it with you later...
  7. Side blinker replacement

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    Ok, here's what happened: I scraped a mailbox and tore the passenger side blinker off. Now I need a replacement, any where I can get one? I was thinking I'd have to get one from the smart center, but I'd kinda like to get it somewhere a little cheaper or maybe get some aftermarket blinkers...