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  1. No reverse at 23k miles!!

    smart General Discussion
    Hello! I purchased a 11' Smart fortwo pure back in november 2013 with an extended MB warranty and 2 days ago while parking my ride it refused to go into reverse, then it refused to go into drive and finally the MIL came on! Luckily the next day was my day off so in the morning I took it to the...
  2. Gearbox question?

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    Hi, I'm new to this forum and signed up because i am in the market for a used Smart. Today i went and test drove a Black 2009 Smart Brabus with 46000 miles on it. It all want well until i tried to park it. In order to get it into reverse, i had to put it into Manual Mode and then P and then...
  3. Reverse "Crunch"

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    Hello, I have an 09 Cabrio which I have had since it was new. Today after going for a relatively short drive stoping parking and getting back in the car, I had a problem shifting into reverse. it is not the software problem which i have read about. I was on a slight incline going up I shifted it...
  4. Problems - no shi(f)t.

    Indiana Chapter
    Hey, gang, today my smart wouldn't shift into reverse. It went to neutral and the engine revved. I tried Drive with no luck. Went back and forth several times to no avail. Finally turned off the engine then re-started which seemed to solve the problem. Words of wisdom please! This...
  5. How I got my clutch replaced - for those having problems

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    Well, after 9 months of dealing with intermittent reverse problems, and two dealerships (neither one where I bought it) unable to replicate, I found the posts on this site about the clutch problems in some 2008 builds. 2 weeks before warranty was out, I went back to my local dealer for the...
  6. No Reverse and Kudos to scp

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    I just had my red 08 cabrio in for its 20K servicing last week, but last night I had an unpleasant situation happen with the transmission. I was on my way to meet some folks and running just about on time, but I stopped to get a Diet Coke at a convenience store and set up my GPS for the last...