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  1. 453 Original tires & rims for sale

    smart Parts Marketplace
    For sale; four (4) OEM 15" rims and tires from my 2018 (453) Smart Cabrio. Tires have less than 6K miles on them, and the rims are in excellent condition. Car is garage-kept and is owned by an automotive industry professional. (Nothing wrong with this set, however I upgraded to the 16" rims and...
  2. For Sale: Schmidt revolution 16 alloy low profile sport rims

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    Germany manufactured alloy rims for smart car. Original selling price approx $2800 for set. Tire size 195/40ZR 16 80w. These are low profile custom rims only for a 3 bolt smart car. (rim is a little dusty in pic, sorry). Located in Nova Scotia. $600
  3. For Sale: 08 Passion rims with tires and sensors (SOLD)

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    Hi i have a set (front and back) rims and tires off my 08 passion the tires where put on at the beginning of this year (Continental contiprocontact) and have about 600 miles on them the wife got me a bigger rim and tire set for my b-day in May so i kept them for backups but now i think they need...
  4. For Sale: x2 BLACK FRONT WHEELS OEM 2010 Fortwo Passion Cabrio

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    Rockin' all 4's so now I have two spare front wheels. Great condition, took off the car at about 30k. One owner (the dealership) before me so everything about this car is in tip-top shape. These are the ORIGINAL OEM narrow front wheels in black. Located in Southbury, CT. Willing to meet or...
  5. Wanted: 15" wheel upgrade!

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    [DONE] 15" wheel upgrade! Every day I have to look at these steelies with wheel covers I die a little on the inside. I promised myself I wouldn't go nuts since it's a lease.. but.. but.. :) I'd obviously kill for a set of Gunmetal 15" Genius Darwins, but I'd be happy with some 9 or 12 spokes...
  6. 15s all around on an 09 Brabus?

    smart Wheels & Tires
    Thanks to our wonderful Illinois winter roads, I had a rear Brabus wheel go down last weekend. My thought is going aftermarket 15's all the way around, both for the added rubber to avoid doing this again, and being able to rotate tires from now on. Any issues I need to be aware of by making...
  7. Need replacement rim(s) quick

    smart Wheels & Tires
    Hi, my 08 Passion suffered major damage to the passenger side wheels (cracked) due to a hidden pothole/expansion joint recently. It is at the tire dealer down the street. He can only get smart wheels from the dealer at $285 each. Is there online vendors that have them less expensive? He...
  8. Tire Experts Puzzled -- Please Help

    smart Wheels & Tires
    Heard a "pop" when driving my 2009 Brabus -- discovered my rear, driver's side tire was flat. Just purchased 2 new rear tires in June fm Mercedes dealer -- 1.5k miles on them, at most. Tire guys are puzzled with what they found. Never have seen this before and odds are they won't see it again...
  9. Tire/Rim replacement help

    smart Wheels & Tires
    First, let me apologize. I concede there's ample information on the forum about tires and rims. My issue is filtering, and I need some help. So, apologies and appreciation in advance. To set the stage, this is a '09 stock red/black cabrio with an aftermarket stereo and smart madness cruise...
  10. 3 spoke OEM wheels!!!

    smart Wheels & Tires
    does anyone has an idea how much a set of 3 spoke wheels might cost? and also will they fit a passsion?:rolleyes:
  11. Bail Bonds smart with rims

    Wraps, Paint & Trim
    Thought this was awesome. Found this at the Home Depot in East Haven, CT.
  12. Ordering two rims, get $50 back if I order four

    smart Wheels & Tires
    Ordering two Genius Darwin 15 X 5.5 from Discount Tire Direct. Wheel Details - Discount Tire Direct If I order four, I get $50 clams off. Anyone in the Virginia (East) area want to split the deal with me? Planning on putting two 205/50/15 General Exclaim UHP's on them. Mattwithcats
  13. 15" used SMART car original wheels & tires w/o sensors

    storage, obsolete threads (locked)
    I'm selling my original 9 spoke rims w/ tires (used & taken off at about 500 miles) Location: San Fernando Valley No scratches - Dents - Discoloration - No TPMS $500.00 pm me your city state & zip for shipping SOLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. ForTwo 16" Rims

    storage, obsolete threads (locked)
    Looking for a set of 4: 16" Rims for a ForTwo Cabrio (450) - or for - 16" Rims for a 451 that can be mounted on a 450 with add-on 35mm spacers. Military stationed overseas with an FPO address, so shipping would be required but should be same price as shipping within US. * New to...
  15. Spare Tires and Rims

    smart Wheels & Tires
    Anyone looking for spare/used tires or wheels? We maybe able to find one for you, pls contact us.:) Thanks
  16. Smart Car Woody

    Smart Car Woody

    Wicked looking Chrome smoothie Baby Moons and White Wall tires
  17. affordable alloys, for 451, start at under $ 500

    Performance & Handling
    we have sourced yet more affordable alloys model Bali,4.5 x 15 front, 5.5 15 rear silver $ 499 black $ 575 model Brock, 5.5 x 15 front, 6.5 x 15 rear $ 750 model Brock, Chrome , 5.5 x 15 front, 6.5 x 15 rear $ 1200 harald
  18. reasonably priced alloys

    Interior & Exterior Styling
    Just in time for spring, we are now able to offer some sharp , 15 inch reasonably priced alloys for the 451 model Dezent V Silver , f 5 x 15, offset 34, r 6.5 x 15,offset 34 U$ 525 per set Alutec Cult Diamond Black, f 5 x 15,offset 20, r 6 x 15,offset 25 U$ 565 per set Rial LeMans Silver...
  19. New Work Wheels!!!

    smart Wheels & Tires
    Just go these. Took 5 months. Custom made by Work Wheels. 16 inch. Thx SPP!
  20. Lorinser wheels on sale!

    Performance & Handling
    Sorry, but we first posted this under the Wheels category... Great news! We just received a break on the new shipment of Lorinser 17" wheels in silver. Until we run out of our current stock we are offering $200 off the regular price of these wheels and Free Shipping! That is a savings over...