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  1. smart General Discussion
    does anyone has or knows if smart roadster will be in the good ole USA, anytime soon?:cool:
  2. New Members Area
    Hi, I am the owner of a black Smart Roadster Coupé Brabus Xclusive. I bought it in 2007 when they were stopping the production and have been taking good care of it ever since. But I have been living in between Spain and USA for the past 5 years up to a point that I am considering bringing it...
  3. smart News & Rumors
    A Smart revolution is on the way. We can exclusively reveal that a replacement for the Smart Roadster is set to hit showrooms next year, followed closely by a new 4x4. An Auto Express reader and Smart customer got in touch after a visit to his local dealer, who confided he’d been informed...
  4. smart Roadster (452)
    I have been looking for the past few years at how I could import a Smart Roadster and I think I have a idea I would like some input on. So here it is: Find a Roadster for sale in Mexico. Find a trusted person to purchase it and then drive it over the border to you (pay the person for their...
  5. smart Roadster (452)
    Get Smart for $18,000 - Npocp - Jalopnik Buy this smart roadster for $18,000 or get a Miata and live a long, dull, unmemorable life
  6. New Members Area
    Hi all, I am fond of Smart Cars ! I owned some ones ... - Fortwo 2002 + Brabus engine kit - Fortwo 2005 pulse - Roadster Coupe 2006 + 106 BHP chiptuning Hope to share with you !!!
  7. smart Roadster (452)
    as far as tridon color, body color, Modifications if any and well thats it.:D mine would be an porsche 911 GT3RS neon orange with black tridon, black team dynamics wheels in black 17 inch,( look it up its pretty cool and its not hard to understand german just use random clicking!)...
  8. smart Videos
    YouTube - roadsterBOJ's Channel
  9. smart Roadster (452)
    Hi This is some pics of my Bluewave, The title is so because i think it is the only covertible Bluewave in Norway. I have seen more of them here but all in coupe edt. Info: Well here are some pictures, Car is original beside tinted...
  10. New Members Area
    Hi all! young man from Norway driving a smart Bluewave roadster, Take a look att my homepage on the tube and let me know what you think..! Its my first time on a track so be nice :P Its a lot of unusual cars for u i think in the 4 videos, Take your time and enjoy :D...
  11. New Members Area
    Hello everyone, this is my first post in SCOA and I would like to introduce myself (and my smarts). First of all, My name is Arturo Vega and I live in Mexico City, I was first introduced to smart cars a few years ago when a good friend had a 2003 smart city coupé (the first name of the smart...
1-12 of 12 Results