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roof crazing
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  1. Wraps, Paint & Trim
    My 10 Pure with 19K miles has developed a peeling roof. I'm not use what they used on a Pure roof in 10 but it looks like plastic covered with a vinyl of some kind. It started with bubbles forming on the leading edge of the roof. Just keeps getting bigger, some has just flaked off. It seems...
  2. Interior & Exterior
    If it is possible to restore the roof, how would i go about doing that? For some reason the back part that you can't see through is much worse.
  3. smart Operation and Maintenance
    This summer the roof on my car started to develop a slight leak in the forward left corner. Only a couple of drops of water would come in during a hard rainstorm. While having the roof resealed at Latham Smart Center, the tech noticed that my roof had what he described as crazing. I had never...
1-3 of 3 Results