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  1. Brake Upgrade: Which kit should I go with?

    smart General Discussion
    I’m looking to discuss FIRST HAND experiences regarding front brake upgrades. I’ve been looking around, and seems like Smart Madness is a reputable company. On their website they have multiple kits that seem to be rather similar in quality/tier. The two below are the ones I’m referencing. Or is...
  2. Replacing Pads & Rotors on a 450

    Modifications and Repairs
    Dear Forum Members: I just replaced the front pads and rotors on my 2006 smart fortwo coupe; the vehicle has 56,000km and this was the first time the pads/rotors were replaced. I made a video that i would like to share, click on the youtube link below: Please note that this was my first video...
  3. Brake Labs Rotors?

    smart General Discussion
    So after stalking the "Expected wear of front rotors" thread, Brabus007 posted a link to these rotors on EBAY. Do you think that since the price is that cheap that the quality is bad? The sellers' reviews seem to beg to differ, but the old saying, "you get what you pay for" rings loud and clear...
  4. Smart Car EBC Ultimax Black Dash Series - Now in Stock

    Vendor Deals
    Don't wait until February to get these Rotors. Get these now. We have these in stock and ready for shipping. Here are the features: • EBC Ultimax Black Dash Series Slotted Rotors are a direct replacement for your stock discs • Engineered for high-performance and spirited driving • Designed to...