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  1. smart Operation and Maintenance
    All, Starting a thread about RPM's vs tire size and inflation, also effect on MPG's... Tires 185/55R15 "H" rated General HP on all four, inflated to 44 psi (max is 51), RPM's are 2900 at 60 MPH, and 40 MPG mixed city / highway... Anyone else?
  2. Modifications and Repairs
    twice now my check engine lite has come on my 450 S.Mann Smart both times I think I might have redlined it sitting parked.. the first time I cleard it at AUOTZONE (free) using the generic ODB scanner on NON US Mercedes .. it cleared.. ok now the second time I have yet to clear it, (havent had...
  3. smart Fuel Economy
    Laugh, :angelanddevil: My Smart car and my Saturn SL2 are now getting the same mileage, 42 MPG. Of course the Smart is doing that in the city, and the Saturn on the highway... Changed the 5th gear on the Saturn for a longer gear, from .730 to .605, about a 20% reduction in RPM's. I wonder...
1-3 of 3 Results