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    If you won't fill-out a NTHSA form, hope of any recall is just wishful thinking. I love this forum. Love my 2 Smarts when they're occasionally trouble-free. My 2008 Pure had a seat-belt problem a couple years ago, seat-belt buckle would not seat & latch. Visually obvious. The Florida Smart...
  2. Seat Belt

    Has anyone else experienced this type of seat belt failure in their SmartCar? This is my 2nd Smart Passion (2008 & 2013). Never seen an it. It only has 30000 miles and I'm the original owner. I tried to look at the SmartUSA Recalls, but the site is not working.
  3. smart car- is it really safe, what do you think

    smart General Discussion
    i have seen videos of it getting crashed into walls and such, but its just really hard for me to believe that its safe, i mean seriously, if i got hit by an 18 wheeler in that thing, i dont think i would have a chance, what do yall think of the matter
  4. A warning about tires

    smart Wheels & Tires
    Interesting investigative journalism piece on retailers selling 6-12 year old tires as "new" even though they've been shown to be dangerous after 6 years. Sure, no smarts appear, but since smarts use tires I think it is appliccable. In 5 years when you are changing your tires, be sure to read...
  5. Auto safety for dummies

    smart General Discussion
    We already know this but I found it to be a good article: Auto safety for dummies | Salon
  6. Considering the Smart. Is it safe on the freeway?

    New Members Area
    Hello everyone. I've heard the pitch. Seen the steel cage. Read that it achieved the highest safety ratings. I driven the car. I like it. But. I live in LA. Most of my daily driving is on the freeway. My question is: Has anyone been in a real life crash in this car? How does it hold up...
  7. SMART Safety

    New Members Area
    Hi everyone! I just wanted to make you aware of a new and inexpensive safety product that is available to your SMART's called BrakeSafe. It turns your existing 3rd brake light into a rear-end collision avoidance system. It also gives you a Total Loss Guarantee for 3 years and up...
  8. Seeking Smart Car Passion in Maryland

    New Members Area
    I registered and paid $99 reservation fee for a smartcar passion style in mettalic blue if possible. It has been almost a month and I have heard nothing. What is status of availability in Maryland near Washington DC or Baltimore? Any suggestions where to inquire? Also was confused by some of...
  9. How hard is it to break-in to the smart

    smart General Discussion
    Well this morning I had the unpleasant surprise that my car had been broken into. There is not apparent damage to the key lock or windows but I can't help but think they wedged the window open and got in via that. Has anyone else had any problems or thought about ways to protect their smart...