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    I bought my smart car about two years ago because I needed a commuter car (our other car is a lease). I'm no longer commuting, so I don't need the second vehicle.... plus we are about to have a baby :) It's in excellent condition. There haven't been any issues. Most of the milage is highway...
  2. smart Vehicle Marketplace
    One of G&K Automotive's imports with Mercedes engine, 7,700 ORIGINAL MILES!! 1 owner, very clean, never any accidents, runs great, everything works. Was just serviced last month. Newer tires, new battery last year. This was my mom's car which lived in and is currently licensed in WA state...
  3. smart Vehicle Marketplace
    Hello! My partner and I have loved using our 2013 Pure around town and all over the East Coast. We're hoping to sell because we cleared the waiting list for a parking space in our building. It's a 2013 Pure with 134,449 miles, black exterior and black/grey interior for $4,000. It's located in...
  4. smart Vehicle Marketplace
    I have for sale my 09 fortwo passion. No dash lights I've replaced the alternator and fuel pump myself, new-ish rear tires (less than 2kmiles), had an alignment done and had an inspection and recall parts replacement done at the mercedes dealwership a few days ago where they told me what i...
  5. smart Vehicle Marketplace
    I am a Smart Car owner in Omaha, Nebraska looking to sell my little guy, I thought there might be someone in the group interested in purchasing? • 2012 Pure Coupe, White • Just over 30,000 miles on it • $5,500 (I purchased in 2013 for $15k) I haven’t had any issues at all, the car has been...
  6. Pacific NorthWest Region
    Parts can be viewed at Please message me on either site for details. I'm happy to make a deal.
  7. smart Vehicle Marketplace
    I am looking to sell my Metallic Blue 2008 Smart Fortwo Convertible. It has served me well and has 125,000 miles, but recently, has come up with an issue that cannot be resolved by the shops I've taken it to, and honestly, I don't need a car anymore, so I am looking for an enthusiast who may...
  8. smart Operation and Maintenance
    CMX1252 for sale at rockauto I bought a set and put them on last weekend. Stops great and bye bye nasty brake dust. >:D
  9. smart Vehicle Marketplace
    SOLD - 2006 Smart ForTwo Passion $5500 SOLD - thanks for looking.
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    Details and photos here:]Selling Smart Reuben | Matteo Fabiano[/url] This reliable, nifty and agile friend has served me well. It has even taken me on ski missions to Squaw and Kirkwood. When not on the road, Reuben has been kept in well protected garages for...
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    Hey guys, I'm going to sell my SILA complete custom cold air intake and various other components Butch and I put together. We are going to be experimenting with a different setup. I am currently running this system and it runs and looks fantastic! Here is what I'm selling: 1) smart Cold Air...
  12. Utah Chapter
    Time for this great car to find a new home. I bought my smart Cabriolet to commute from Ogden to Salt Lake for work, then ended up taking a different job a few months later. Although I love it, I can't justify having two cars now that my commute is only 6 miles, so figured I'd let someone else...
  13. Mid-Atlantic Region
    ONLY $14,500 for a LOADED 2008 passion coupe Smart center Virginia Beach has a great selection of new smart cars available now! Search online > Call > 757.687.3569 Come by > 5193 Virginia Beach Blvd. VA Beach, VA 23462 :D
1-13 of 28 Results