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  1. Replacing the low-beam relay in the SAM?

    Modifications and Repairs
    My low beams both went out, and it doesn't seem to be the bulbs or the fuses that are causing it. Highs work and tail lights work. I'm guessing it might be the relay, which is soldered inside the SAM (via Evilution). Does anyone else have any ideas why the lights may have gone out, and possible...
  2. BAD SAM on 2008 fortwo - Help!

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    The dealer just told me today that they needed to replace my SAM unit on my 2008 Smart fortwo. Does anyone know anything about this being an issue with the Smarts? Its looks like its going to be a very expensive repair, so I wanted to see if I had any other options. Any help would be much...