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  1. So Cal Smarties
    Hi guys! I wanted to see if there was anyone in the San Diego area who wanted to do meet ups, maybe even a little rally. Or even if folks were looking for a reason to come down to San Diego, I'm game. Just want to meet other people who are passionate about their Smart cars like I am :-) Got...
  2. San Diego smart Owners
    I just started a Meetup for San Diego. Come out and join us at Mystic Water Kava Bart, Saturday, 27OCT12 from noon - 2 pm at 3811 Ray Street, San Diego, CA 92104. Check out our group at San Diego smarties (San Diego, CA) - Meetup and please spread the word. :) Even if you aren't able to make...
  3. San Diego smart Owners
    This poll is to help plan a meetup in the San Diego area. It is a multi-part poll, and your help would be much appreciated. Please answer the three questions here: San Diego Meet-up Poll Survey Thank You, Rick
  4. San Diego smart Owners
    Hi all, I thought it best to bring the S.D. specific stuff over here so we don't irritate the masses :) So about that meet-up? What's a good day/time for everyone? I work for myself so no real constraints on my schedule. Let's make a plan!
1-4 of 4 Results