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  1. you're invited to a free smart event this Thursday in San Francisco!

    smart General Discussion
    Any active members in San Francisco? Join us at a free smart event this Thursday! Hello Everyone, This Thursday night in San Francisco, smart is celebrating the launch of our latest pilot, smart ready to care. We'd love to meet more of the Bay Area smart community. If you're available, join...
  2. Know of a place in San Francisco (proper) that rents fortwo?

    California Chapter
    I need to rent a car this Monday (May 13th) and would like to rent a smart while my Mazda's being repaired. Insurance will pay for Hertz, but they don't seem to have any. Anybody have some current tips (there's a lot of outdated info on the net and most of the "known" options aren't current...
  3. Hello from hilly San Francisco!!

    New Members Area
    Really digging the hill-hold feature! 2009 cabriolet with only 6,000 miles. Installed arm rest, and woudlliek advice about an upgraded sound system (tweeters in door, sub-woofer in rear, and upgraded door 6.5" mid range?) Also wanting to get 250 Smart cars fora photo shoot and drive around Twin...
  4. Hi from Michael in San Francisco

    New Members Area
    Hi All -- I'm a long time smart car fan. I have owned two smart model 450s. I've sold the Passion (see my avatar), and now drive an all-Jack Black Pulse. Am a big fan of the original smarts with 6-speed and turbo. Also love that I can park my 450 perpendicular. (It isn't legal, but I haven...
  5. Smart Center SF 30k service report

    Smart Owners Club of San Francisco
    I just got back from Smart Center SF for my BIG 30k maintenance. For searching purposes, thats 30,000 miles. All in all, it was a good experience. It seems they have a dedicated smart service dept now, at least it felt like it. I dealt with Kelly, and she was superb to work with. She...
  6. Alternate Places for Service in San Francisco

    Smart Owners Club of San Francisco
    Anyone know of an alternate place in San Francisco to get the smart serviced other than Mercedes of San Francisco? The $270 for the first service is a bit steep but we would still like to get everything on the checklist checked off to avoid voiding the warrenty.
  7. Met someone who was renting a Hertz smart

    smart General Discussion
    My wife and I were in Trader Joe's on Masonic today, and as we walked out of the store to load up our shopping, we saw a couple with a red/black Pure. I asked them how they liked their smart, and they said that they were just staying in SF for a week and were renting from Hertz! They had a lot...
  8. Wheel Powdercoating Questions/Recommendations in San Francisco

    Smart Owners Club of San Francisco
    Hi All, I want to powdercoat my wheels black, and I emailed a powdercoating place, and their response led me to have a lot of questions. Anyone know the answers to any of these? 1) Can anyone share a positive powdercoating experience in the Bay Area? 2) Are the smart stock (passion)...
  9. San Francisco (non-dealer) Oil Change Reccommendations?

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    Hi Everyone, I was hoping someone could suggest a shop that they have taken their Smart Car to for an oil change. I bought the filter from the Mercedes Benz/Smart Center and would like to have my oil change done elsewhere but preferably not somewhere that's never seen or worked on a smart...
  10. Promos on 08 Cabrios!

    smart General Discussion
    Hey Guys, Just letting everyone know that the :smartlogo:SF smart center have some available orphans. Oh yeah..If you are interested in a Cabriolet, you should definitely contact us and perhaps grab one at the 08 pricing and save yourself about a thousand dollar! :D Financing available
  11. Available Cabrios in Bay Area

    New Members Area
    Hello smart enthusiasts, Forget about waiting another year, or even several months! SF smart team can show you how to get an 09 smart Cabrio the same day at no extra $$$! And the best part: You pay 08 price for an 09 model ! That's $400 saved ($16,590 Vs $16,990) --This of course as long as...