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  1. Scangauge Ii

    RJ-45 connection
  2. Scangauge Ii

    Placing the scangauge
  3. Scangauge Ii

    Placing the scangauge
  4. Scangauge Ii

    Placing the scangauge
  5. smart Modifications
    I have my Scangauge mounted on a recycled iPod gooseneck. I removed the iPod mount and 12v adapter from the ends of the gooseneck. I attached the gooseneck to the Scangauge with a screw from the back of the Scangauge tapped into the 90 degree fitting on the gooseneck. I used a scrap right...
  6. smart Operation and Maintenance
    Hi, I've finished setting up our ScanGauge ll for our Smart a couple of days ago, and am now wondering if anyone knows any Smart specific settings for the XGauge function? I know how to set those parameters that the ScanGauge already reports as gauges but am wondering if there are any Smart...
  7. Two In The Driveway

    One for mom, one for the kid
  8. smart General Discussion
    I have the Scangauge hooked up and up to now (through 2000 miles), the best I got was 47.5mpg driving mostly flat highway around 60-65mph. Typically, it has registered between 37-40mpg average based on everyday driving. Tonight I had to take a 40 miles hike across town. I was on the highway and...
  9. smart Modifications
    So I've had a set of HID lights installed on my smart fortwo passion coupe for over a month now and I love them but after thinking about the installation a little more, I want to make sure that these lights will last as long as possible. With that I know that the on and off characteristics of...
  10. smart Modifications
    Here is my flush "factory look" install of Scangauge II If anyone is interested, I took some pictures during install, so I can post DIY step by step. Cube ******************************************************************** Here we go! DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK! ;-) Tools: DREMEL WARNING...
  11. New Members Area
    Many smarties are now taking possession of their beloved smart cars and with that comes the fun of ownership, customization, and great gas mileage. In support of this awesome car that we've grown to love and our growing community, Smart Car of America is proud to present our very first SCOA...
  12. smart General Discussion
    Anybody have any tips on setting up a Scangauge II on a 451. I set mine to 3ltr enging and 8 gal tank. Then I adjusted the speed up 3 MPH. I also found a pretty close match for the backlight color but I have not set anything else. What should the closed/open loop setting be? TIA
  13. Scangauge For The Smart Fortwo

    scangauge II for the smart 451
  14. smart General Discussion
    Just wondering if everyone has the same experience.... I finally had a chance to get the GPS in my smart and noticed at 50+ mph or so the speedometer is 3 or 4 mph lower than the reading on the GPS. Even the Scangauge reading is 2 mph higher than the speedo. Am I imagining things? Anybody else?
  15. Car

    Red Smart Fortwo at the Smart Tour
1-19 of 20 Results