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  1. Door Speakers

    eclipes 3 speaker 3way system. sounds great
  2. smart General Discussion
    I am embarassed that on my second partial tankfull (5 galons) I average 30 mpg. Whattsup? I installed a scangauge II and I need help in the setup codes. Many different opions on the various sites. Does anyone have the answers? My scangauge said 22.4 mpg! Whattsup? Bruce
  3. Scanguage Installation

    Scanguage installed in overhead of a cabrio, note that passenger seat belt light is relocated to front of overhead light
  4. Audio & Video
    Hello. Im looking for a stock radio which is INOP/not working. I really just want the chasis and a clean face plate. I dont want to pick up one of the ones being offered to Radioless Pure owners as i dont need it for the tunes. Im planning to cram a scanguage into LCD portion of the faceplate...
1-6 of 6 Results