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  1. smart fortwo Electric Drive
    My 453 only came with the seatbelt through-mount(?) on the drivers seat - the thing that holds the belt off the seat at shoulder height. There's nothing on the passenger side; the belt is free to do it's own thing. Being reasonably tall - and the driver - the mount makes life pretty...
  2. Safety
    Has anyone else experienced this type of seat belt failure in their SmartCar? This is my 2nd Smart Passion (2008 & 2013). Never seen an it. It only has 30000 miles and I'm the original owner. I tried to look at the SmartUSA Recalls, but the site is not working.
  3. Alt. View

    Drain holes in the bottom of cap. Cap is attached via hot melt glue.
  4. De Dion Tubes Capped

    Used Rustoleum cobalt blue metallic spray paint. Perfect match given its location.
1-6 of 6 Results