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  1. smart fortwo Electric Drive
    Hey all! New to smart and even newer to EVs. Just bought a 2013 ED a few weeks ago and I feel like I should get it looked at as it's been about a year since the previous owner got it serviced. I just got my BAP paperwork in and am sending it off tomorrow but I have three questions. 1. Is...
  2. New Members Area
    New to the site and wanted to introduce myself. I just purchased a 2009 Passion Cabriolet yesterday from Seattle Mercedes. While I've always thought smart cars were pretty cool, recently my interest increased when I started using Car2Go here in Seattle as a supplement to public transit...
  3. Pacific NorthWest Region
    Sorry for double-posting this... I think this forum might be a bit more appropriate: I'm trying to gauge interest in an Area 451 Cruise Control install party put on by SmartieParts in the Seattle area. He will be doing one in Boise towards the end of March. If we give him enough time, he can...
  4. West Coast Clubs
    I'm trying to gauge interest in an Area 451 Cruise Control install party put on by SmartieParts in the Seattle area. He will be doing one in Boise towards the end of March. If we give him enough time, he can do the install before or after the Boise party (his flight goes through Seatac). The...
  5. Pacific NorthWest Region
    :cool: Saw this posted tonight on the CsC site: Hello, I am a corporate video producer looking to shoot a video with a Smart Car in Seattle on June 11, 2010. The car is needed from approximately 6 AM until approximately 3 PM although it is possible we won't be able to drive it out until...
  6. Pacific NorthWest Region
    I'm looking into buying a smart car now that I've moved and am planning on staying in Seattle. I am way off from actually purchasing, but want to test it for a day, possibly 2. Any ideas of where I can rent a smart car? Or does anyone own one they want to rent personally for a day or two? Thanks!
  7. New Members Area
    Picked up the red one yesterday. Was traded in by a guy too tall for it. 2009 Passion coupe. Only 1670 miles on it: $12888. Not bad. LOVE the heated seats. Plan to upgrade the sound system. Plan to make my own flower-power seat covers. ;)
  8. Lunch At Golden Corrall

    10 owners with 6 cars met for lunch
  9. Baby Benz

    Mercedes emblems on 2009 smart
  10. Better Shot Of The Sub

    this is a better shot of the sub. its a kicker 10inch L5.
  11. Pacific NorthWest Region
    Hi everyone, I just received an email from a SC Seattle representative, and she said they now have cruise control as an option :D. I can't believe it :eek:... Has anyone else heard about this?
  12. Pacific NorthWest Region
    Oh, the irony. After the Prosser event, which I had a blast at by the way, I said to my wife, "I'm not doing that again for awhile". And I meant it... but... Ok, here it is. I have to drive 11 hours (round trip) to the Seattle area for a meeting on Monday. Short notice so I'll keep...
  13. Smarts On Lombard Street- San Francisco 2008

    August 17th, 2008 -- 130+ Smart Fortwo Vehicles descend on Lombard Street for one epic photo opportunity and a lot of comradeship. This event was hosted by the Smart Owners Club of San Francisco and Smart Car of America
  14. New Members Area
    So just how small *is* my new Smart Car? Take a look on YouTube for video by member JetCityOrange. It's called "My Smart Car"
  15. Coverking Seat Covers

    CoverKing seat covers, made of neoprene, cutouts for seat belt and airbag. Adds a pouch on the seat back.
  16. Pacific NorthWest Region
    As mentioned previously I am trying to put together a Meeting and drive of Mercer Island followed by a picnic lunch. The soonest day I can do it is June 8th, 2008. Does that work for the rest of the group? I figured we would beet at Starbuck on the Island around 10:00 then take a lap of the...
  17. Pacific NorthWest Region
    Hey guys, Just thought I would start learning more about each of you... So what part of Seattle is everyone in? I'm located in the South Lake Union area. How about you?
1-18 of 22 Results