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  1. Aftermarket Radio, "security code"

    smart General Discussion
    Hey there friends! I hope everyone's having a wonderful weekend. I'm planning on replacing the stock stereo head unit with something a little more flashy, since mine came with the most basic of basic stereos available to mankind. I remember at one point stumbling upon a post somewhere...
  2. How to secure "trickle charging" EVSE cable on Fortwo ED?

    smart fortwo Electric Drive
    I see that some other EV owners are having problems with theft of their equivalent to the Smart Fortwo ED charging cable with the expensive J1772 connector on the end! The connector and cable alone fetch over US$125 used; I see the replacement cost on these "trickle charger" EVSEs can be...
  3. Where to mount a safe?

    Interior & Exterior
    Hey all, I'm looking to mount a small safe (11x8.5x2.25) into my Fortwo to store some valuables when I'm at work or parked at the airport. The safe is a top opening model so it will need some clearance to open. I'm thinking of mounting it inside the storage area in the trunk that's part of...
  4. Basic backup camera

    Audio & Video
    Had several people ask about backup cameras at our Saturday meet in Columbus after they saw one of the Easton cars with the full nav system and backup camera. Here's one (of many) alternatives - just a basic camera and LCD screen: 3.5" LCD Wireless Backup Camera System - Truck RV...