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  1. Options for selling off 2009 ForTwo with dead engine

    smart General Discussion
    My wife has a 2009 ForTwo Passion that we bought used with 30,000 miles on it for $8000. Now, 3 months and 1000 miles later, we have what seems to be little better than an anchor. Yesterday, 15 minutes from home the car started shaking, smelling of smoke and then finally cut out a minute later...
  2. places to sell SMART?

    smart General Discussion
    Sorry guys but I need to sell my SMART, any ideas? Its a 2008 Passion with 14,500 miles....ONE OWNER...any ideas? I live in Texas.
  3. Plenty of new smarts available!

    Florida Chapter
    I'm with the smart center of Tampa and we have quite a few orphans in stock and ready for a home. We also have a silver Brabus that just arrived! Just call 813-712-2777 or e-mail [email protected] to get info or schedule a test drive! PLEASE ASK FOR John Thanks!
  4. Anybody looking for a new smart?

    smart General Discussion
    I have quite a few for sale in Tampa, FL. I'm also new to this forum so I apologize if I posted in the wrong area! Thanks!