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  1. Free App Helps sell/Buy Smart cars and pays buyer and seller $200 EACH!

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    California only- Download the FREE Award Winning app use promo code "SMART" $200 paid to Buyer AND another $200 will be paid to the Seller Can be used with any car. It does NOT have to be a "Smart" car- * fine print etc....When the car sells get $200 from Blinker, You may give the code...
  2. Selling my '08 Smart Passion.. Metallic Silver and Black.. Red interior..

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    Im only asking what I owe.. I got a job on a cruise ship and Ill be gone for 9 months at a time, I just dont see it being SMART to pay a loan.. Its really close to brand new. I got it 5 months ago. I owe 14,100 on it, but thats with the 4 year extended warentee.. I can take that off and it...