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service intervals

  1. DIY "Service A" 2018 Model.

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    Anyone has an experience in doing it themselves or at least links you can share for directions on doing the Oil and Filter Change (Service A). yourself? Or afraid the local oil shop, Midas, may mess something up like they did in my previous vehicle.. And Mercedes Dealership (15 miles away) of...
  2. How to reset service reminder???

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    um,,,, just bought a 2011 passion coupe with 19K. Local GM dealer has changed oil (mobil 1) but did not reset the dash reminder screen. It now reads something a minus 700 days. Not too concerned as I have the receipts for the oil changes, still would like to know how to reset this. Help...
  3. Newbie...A few questions

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    I am new to this forum and owning a smart. Mine is an 08 fortwo coupe black/black. I live 250 + miles to the nearest smart center. I plan to do the routine maintenance myself. So how do you reset the service wrench notification? Does the smart radio have a radio code? If so, how do I...
  4. Brand New to this forum

    New Members Area
    Hi, I've been interested in the smartcar idea since first seeing one several years ago while on a cruise through europe. We stopped over in Italy and that's where I saw my first one. I'm quite excited that they are now being offered here in the states and plan on persuing a purchase within the...