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  1. Is this bad service?

    smart General Discussion
    Is this normal for Smart Cars service? 18K miles headlight goes out and dealer charges $40 acknowledging no extended warranty, 30K miles tune up, no problem, but that evening break problem, upon return the next day, dealer said bad front break. What happened? Why not this checked at 30K...
  2. Advice on buying a gently used 2009 Passion 2 hours from nearest dealer

    New Members Area
    Hi! I recently found a very gently used (5,000 miles) 2009 Passion in my local area. However, I am over 2 hours from the nearest Smart dealer, and having been burned by this issue on a previous automobile, I'm a little leary. Our local Mercedes dealer indicated he can do basic service on it...
  3. Smart Center SF 30k service report

    Smart Owners Club of San Francisco
    I just got back from Smart Center SF for my BIG 30k maintenance. For searching purposes, thats 30,000 miles. All in all, it was a good experience. It seems they have a dedicated smart service dept now, at least it felt like it. I dealt with Kelly, and she was superb to work with. She...
  4. Alternate Places for Service in San Francisco

    Smart Owners Club of San Francisco
    Anyone know of an alternate place in San Francisco to get the smart serviced other than Mercedes of San Francisco? The $270 for the first service is a bit steep but we would still like to get everything on the checklist checked off to avoid voiding the warrenty.
  5. Lancaster, PA

    Pennsylvania Chapter
    Hi, I live in Lancaster, PA and my wife and are thinking about getting a smart car. Do anyone have have theirs serviced locally? If so, where and are you satisfied with the service?
  6. service survey from smart HQ today

    smart General Discussion
    Hi, I did a search for survey and didn't see this topic so I apologize ahead of time if I missed it. smart HQ sent me a service survey today asking about my service visit last week. I took the car in for its 23 month warranty checkup. My rear hatch had water in it, the transmission often stuck...
  7. 20k Service Cost

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    I've found plenty of stuff on the 10k service cost, but not much on the 20k, so I decided to start a thread on it. I'm currently waiting for my car to have this service done at Smart of San Francisco, and the price quoted was over $400. I know there is more to be done than in the 10k, but that...
  8. We've Got Two USED 09 Smarts Available...

    smart center Dealerships
    What up Smart Car Forum!! First off this is my first post of what I hope to be many more. As the title states, we here at smart center Cerritos in California have two beautiful used 09 smarts available. One of them is a 2009 Red Pure, with A/C and pwr windows. It was one of the special...
  9. Done with smart

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    I'm selling my smart. Check my profile for a photo. Smart does not stand behind their products. Their customer service department refuses to call me back, because our car is out of warranty. Piss poor quality has caused my fuel-pump to go out. They are refusing to even call me and discuss...
  10. How easy is the SmartCar to service?

    New Members Area
    I'm thinking about buying one, but the nearest dealer is a 3 hour drive. Has anyone had experience having an independent car repair facility with little or no experience with the Smartcar servicing this vehicle? Or should I avoid purchase when and if a local dealership comes to Tallahassee?
  11. Unique Roadside Service from Smart

    smart General Discussion
    A year ago I was the proud recipient of the second Smart delivered by Smartcenter of Beverly Hills. The car performed flawlessly - until last Tuesday. I was on my way to the airport and stopped for gas. When I shifted the selector into gear, the car did not really care. It just sat there and...
  12. New but not so!

    New Members Area
    Hello everyone, I am happy to be part of this esteemed group. Just a quick intro. We own Express Automotive Centre in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. We have been lucky to have been working on Smart cars for over 4 years now. awesome car, you will all love them. Thanks. Jerry :) Express Automotive...
  13. Smart Repair Story (kinda long winded)

    smart General Discussion
    We had to take our smart back to the dealer for a rattling noise. The car has rattled since we picked it up in april but we didn't take it back until now as we live 2 hours drive from the dealer. We have just under 7000 miles on our smart so we also had an early 10000 mile service done. Our...
  14. Anti Lock Break Light ?

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    I can not find my manual for the 2007 Smart Car ForTwo Passion, and I think it is the anti lock brake light that keeps coming on the dash (to the right of the speedometer, etc) when I start the car. However, whenever I push the anti lock brake button (underneath the stereo) the light goes off...
  15. Maintenance service interval won't clear

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    What steps am I missing to clear the maintenance service interval? All it says in the manual is to press the button on the left. It won't go away. Any ideas? TIA!
  16. Post Your Warranty Claims

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    These are great cars & we love 'em, but they're not perfect... Let's start a list of warranty claims for service needs and/or failed parts that require(d) a trip to the dealer. What failed? Approximate age/mileage? Dealer service dept. rating: A, B, C, D, F This can be a good, running...
  17. SMART Factory Extended warrantee ONLY!

    smart fortwo (451 - US vehicle)
    :angelanddevil: Make sure you don’t fall for the Dealer trying to sell you an aftermarket extended warrantee. :confused: I was offered this aftermarket coverage when I picked up my car and refused. I then asked about the Smart direct product and was shown a great brochure that smart has which...