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  1. Rear Axle, Muffler etc.,

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    Hi all, So I got a complete diagnosis done to my 2009 Smart fortwo passion. The cost of recommended replacement and labor cost was not pleasing. 1. Left and Right rear axle assembly : $1270. 2. Muffler: $570 3. Sway bar: $300 I've decided to go with (1), since, it's a safety critical issue...
  2. CV Joint Failure at <20K miles

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    My Smart is shaking noticeably whenever I accelerate ... new Genius wheels and tires went on about 6 weeks ago, so the first thing I did was check balance, and a few $$ later they were re-balanced (they were off a bit). BUT - the shake remains. So I bring it to the closest garage to have them...