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  1. Smartcar 2012 not shifting into reverse or 1st gear

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    Hello, I am new to the forum but I was looking to get some ideas on what might be happening with my 2012 smart for two passion. I bought it second hand and have had it for about a year. It has 68,000 miles on it and has been quite a pain with repairs recently. I had to replace the control module...
  2. ABS & ESP- Won't Shift out of P

    smart General Discussion
    Hello all, I have read many forums and posts regarding this issue, but haven't found any situations that replicate mine. Was hoping someone could chime in on what their opinion could be. While driving my 2010 451 passion home from work the other day, the ABS & ESP lights both came on...
  3. smooth but rapid start on green light??

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    I've only had my smart for a few days. And I'm very curious - has anyone mastered getting a quick start, from a stop, up to normal driving speeds - SMOOTHLY?? Like, where somebody looking at the car from outside would barely notice the smart changing gears? The skill or capability has so far...
  4. Problems - no shi(f)t.

    Indiana Chapter
    Hey, gang, today my smart wouldn't shift into reverse. It went to neutral and the engine revved. I tried Drive with no luck. Went back and forth several times to no avail. Finally turned off the engine then re-started which seemed to solve the problem. Words of wisdom please! This...
  5. BRABUS Shift Knob for the 451 smart Car

    Interior & Exterior Styling
    BRABUS Shift Knob for the 451 smart Car Black leather wrapped with silvery grey stitching embossed with the BRABUS emblem lends the interior a more sporty and elegant touch – also goes perfectly with the BRABUS hand-brake handle. $199.00 + S&H. Please call Paul at 512-592-4965 to get one...