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  1. For Sale: SILA Intake System Components [SOLD]

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    Hey guys, I'm going to sell my SILA complete custom cold air intake and various other components Butch and I put together. We are going to be experimenting with a different setup. I am currently running this system and it runs and looks fantastic! Here is what I'm selling: 1) smart Cold Air...
  2. Problems w/ SILA exhaust

    smart General Discussion
    I purchased a SILA exhaust less than two years ago from my local mods shop. Took it in a couple days ago w/ a little problem, a giant hole on the back side! eeeeek. My impression was that I was not the only person w/ this problem. Anyone have a story to tell?
  3. Sila Raw Aluminum Cold Air Intake Review

    smart Videos
    Here is just a quick video review of the SILA raw aluminum cold air intake. No real effects were done and it was just something I wanted to do so enjoy! Sincerely, Brett