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  1. Vetical Doors

    Vetical Doors

    Black Smann Lorinser Vertical Doors
  2. Interior & Exterior
    After alot of thought, I decided to keep my Passion Coupe and not sell it for a cabriolet. I have always liked the look of vertical doors, so I purchased a set. This kit was very easy to install, it just took alot of time. Total time spent with installation and modifying the panels was about...
  3. Pm Edition Smart

    Pm Edition Smart

  4. Black Smann W/lorinser Speedy's

    Black Smann W/lorinser Speedy's

    Black Smann Body with Lorinser Speedy's lowered with Eibach Springs.
  5. Interior & Exterior Styling
    The front and rear valences replace your stock pieces, no cheesy half-assed methods to fasten them to the vehicle! The sideskirts are glued over the stock pieces. A complete kit in Black (Front valence, Sideskirts, Rear Valence) is $1295....ready to paint or install as is! The color is made...