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  1. Look what we found

    smart General Discussion
    A customer has dropped of a 1998 450 coupe. according to the VIN number it is one of the first 450 in the world. We have had the car for about 6 months. Before we got the car it was not running and had been through a number of different shops none of them were able to get the car to run...
  2. G&K Headlights

    Modifications and Repairs
    Hello I have a 2003 450 Pulse that was converted by G&K for zap. I was wondering why the peanut style headlights were changed to projector style headlights thus eliminating the fog lights? I was thinking of locating a pair of o.e.m. peanut lights with the fog lights and put them back into my...
  3. Crashed in Canada

    New Members Area
    Just wanted to send greetings from Canada. Sadly, I was hit in an off-set front end collision by a drunk driver on the weekend. This wrecked my 2006 Passion Diesel. I will be joining the ranks of the gas-driven Smarts very soon. Just wanted to say that the Car did an amazing job of protecting...
  4. Another HyperMile attempt with my 450

    Original (450) smart fortwo
    Evening All I'm looking to see if I can achieve better results than I did here , and a detailed record of my fuelings for the last year + Details: Smart - Fortwo - Passion I've mapped out a new course (love Google...