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  1. smart Operation and Maintenance
    The 'BRAKE' warning light comes on and goes away. Brakes (and Emergency brake) work great. Replaced rear drums (shoes were good), replaced front brake pads to Ceramic ones. Tone rings seems to be intact, a bit rusted but intact. Brake Oil level good. Please help. Thank you.
  2. 451
    Hi guys, I have the following problem. I drive a Smart 451 1.0 61 PS and I noticed that when the car is forced at lower speeds, as well as when the temperature rises from city driving when moving in the first gear jerk (impact is felt). Does anyone have any idea what it could be? Thanks in...
  3. smart fortwo Electric Drive
    I’ve been wanting to get a smart for a bit. I’ve been looking for months to see what my first car would be (first car hype!) And while the smart may not be the most versatile choice, I just can’t think of choosing anything else, I fell in love with it xD. So I wanted to get the ED, because I...
  4. smart Towing
    Since I travel every year 3000 miles with my RV it was time to buy a toad... So far I am still in "honeymoon" with my Smart... To flat tow my Smart I bought following parts already: Demco #9518256 Classic Baseplate NEW 281.95...
  5. smart Vehicle Marketplace
    Exterior color is Matte Grey with Silver Tridion and charcoal black interior and leather heated seats. Includes a professionally installed Area 451 Cruise Control with programmer cable (no longer available) and latest firmware for pedal mapping, A/C ice cold. Always garaged, No accidents...
  6. smart Parts Marketplace
    These are brand new in box. Never got around to installing them and sold car. I Paid $160cdn for these from JRP $120obo
  7. smart Parts Marketplace
    new brabus wheels and tires from my 2013. only 3400 miles on them. price includes the hankook tires. located in orange county california. 700.00
  8. smart Parts Marketplace
    Hi, I recently sold my 2009 Brabus Smart and I sold it with the Carlsson Quad Exhaust with Carlsson Diffuser setup. I removed the Brabus exhaust system with around 6k miles of use, it is in immaculate condition as the car has never seen rain, snow, etc. Included is both the BRABUS exhaust and...
  9. smart Operation and Maintenance
    Hi all, new to the site I have a 2008 pure with an air bag light on, the dealer said their was no communication when they pluged in and told me to replace the air bag module(SRS control module). I ordered an air bag module, went back to the dealer and they replaced it and said they still can't...
  10. New Members Area
    Hi fellow Smarties, just a quick introduction by way of a recent event that happened to me and my SMART. On July 20th, 2010 at approximately 7:55pm I opened my car door and walked away from my rolled SMART car with nothing more than a slightly swollen left hand and a couple of scrapes on my...
  11. smart General Discussion
    I have been doing some discussing with my Smart Dealer here in St. Catharines over the lack of a AUX or Line-In with the Factory Bluetooth installed and wondering if anyone else is having an issue or has a solution provided by Smart. Here is the situation details; 1) Car - Smart Pure 2010 with...
  12. smart Gallery
    :) Dear :smartje: in the USA and Canada :megaphone: On my HomePage: you'll find several Links to Clubs, Tips, Repair and in general a lot of Smarti Pictures! (Click on "Pictures Smart") Enjoy it! :icon_biggrin: :p :D mlt muc :smartje:
1-12 of 12 Results