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  1. Is the Smart ED 451 still a good choice?

    smart fortwo Electric Drive
    I’ve been wanting to get a smart for a bit. I’ve been looking for months to see what my first car would be (first car hype!) And while the smart may not be the most versatile choice, I just can’t think of choosing anything else, I fell in love with it xD. So I wanted to get the ED, because I...
  2. Manufacturer's Warranty

    smart fortwo Electric Drive
    Hey guys! My 2013 Smart ED is coming to the end of the 4 year warranty in November. I just bought it last month and it only has 12k miles. I imagine not much (if anything) will be warranty worthy. I took it in for it's first service at the MB dealer two weeks ago and I asked the service...
  3. Puget Sound ED Owner's Help!

    smart fortwo Electric Drive
    Hey all! New to smart and even newer to EVs. Just bought a 2013 ED a few weeks ago and I feel like I should get it looked at as it's been about a year since the previous owner got it serviced. I just got my BAP paperwork in and am sending it off tomorrow but I have three questions. 1. Is...
  4. When will 2017 Smart ED arrive?

    smart fortwo Electric Drive
    I placed an order for a 2017 Smart ED in Sep-2016. We were told to expect the car by the beginning of 2017. My 2014 Smart EV lease expired in Nov-2016, so Mercedes-Benz is extending our lease month-to-month. Today, Feb-21-2017, I called the sales rep at San Francisco Mercedes-Benz to find out...
  5. smart electric drive in Charlotte, NC

    New Members Area
    Hi, my work changed from driving a zillion miles around the eastern half of the US to primarily just driving around our mid-sized city. My old road car (SAAB wagon) was no longer what I needed, so I began to look at my options. Electric vehicle tech intrigues me and I also began to compile a...
  6. Flat plug extension cable?

    smart fortwo Electric Drive
    So, I'm charging my Smart ED via a 25 ft 12 AWG extension cable (120V) from the driveway all the way to the back of the garage. The plug in the outlet is straight and every once in a while it falls out of the outlet. One of these days this is gonna happen in the middle of the night and I won't...
  7. New arrival- Smart Electric Drive (ED)

    New Members Area
    Hello, My wife and I have had 2 Smart Cars for five years, but have just traded both of them in for ED, Electric Drives. Great fun (even if the range is short). Is there anyone else out there with EDs? We are about to install a Type 2 EVSE (charger) on our driveway (we have no garage) and would...
  8. The first electric drive delivery

    smart center Dealerships
    We delivered the first electric drive smart car today. It was a great experience getting the ED to a customer that was very excited to be the first to receive her new electric smart.
  9. My electric smart ED test drive

    smart fortwo Electric Drive
    Yesterday I test drove the electric smart ED at my dealer. I had been eagerly awaiting the opportunity, as I am the perfect candidate for an electric car. My ’09 Passion coupe is my primary car, but I never drive more than 50-60 miles per day. I’m also one of those “early adopter” types...
  10. A Smart ED appears to be in the US

    smart News & Rumors
    A short (HD?) Flip video posted through Facebook by a GM of two smart centers: The clip doesn't have a name While not necessarily "in showrooms now" it's one more step closer!
  11. More on the Smart ED

    smart fortwo Electric Drive
    Check out this article in MSN Auto news. Smart Smart is slated to take the knife to the brand-new fortwo next year. After only a solid year of production, the tiny city car will get a few drivetrain updates to make the fuel miser even stingier. Smart says the changes should represent the final...