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  1. America's 1st Retailed 2016 smart coupe! - SoCal

    smart center Dealerships
    By SMART MADNESS SMART MADNESS is getting ready to rock America (and the world) with their MADNESS EDITION. It will bring strategic enhancements that will beef up the performance that many of us true driving enthusiasts should appreciate. Speed gains, and many other modifications to...
  2. smart car Mirror Covers - Stainless Steel - Chrome Finish

    Interior & Exterior Styling
    Add a stylish accent to your fortwo! Our beautiful and stylish Chrome Mirror covers are the highest on the market as well as affordable. Manufactured out of 304 Stainless Steel, and designed for the 451 models, installation is quick, only takes seconds and you're ready to enjoy! Simply...
  3. Smart Car Pet Liner for the Trunk (Smart Madness) - Thoughts?

    smart General Discussion
    Looking for some insight. Hopefully this is the place. I have a husky who happily jumps in the back of the smart when we go out, but the dog hair is everywhere! I need to do something about it. As far as I can tell, the only custom made cargo liner is this one available at Smart Madness. At...
  4. Arm Rest

    Interior & Exterior Styling
    For all those early adopters who purchased your smarts early are SMARTMADNESS is coming out with a new Armrests that will bolt directly in to your car. There is no drilling required the Armrest utilizes the preexisting holes in the car. The Armrest is made out of a nice leather material that...
  5. Look what we found

    smart General Discussion
    A customer has dropped of a 1998 450 coupe. according to the VIN number it is one of the first 450 in the world. We have had the car for about 6 months. Before we got the car it was not running and had been through a number of different shops none of them were able to get the car to run...
  6. Smart madness introduces madness mike

    New Members Area
    Hey Guys and Gals, I would like to take a minute and introduce myself. My name is Mike. I just started working with SMART MADNESS and was brought on to help out on the forums, answer questions online and mainly assist the SM Team with online communication. The guys get really busy at the shop...
  7. Sunday, 4/22, @ SMART MADNESS !

    So Cal Smarties
    It's the time of the year again! We're celebrating our 2nd year at our location and want you to come on down! Go to SoCal Smarties (Los Angeles, CA) - Meetup for all the latest details on this event. Hope to see you at the house of MADNESS! Cheers, TEAM MADNESS

    OC Smarties
    Hello Fellow SoCal Smarties! Sorry for the mix-up in dates, but yes this is the same event as Long Beach to San Pedro on Saturday, 12/10 at 9am! First, Boris and I want to humbly apologize for being so quiet with events this year, it's been a crazy one. With that, we didn't want to abandon...
  9. Jason Britton is enjoying his newly customized smart by SMART MADNESS

    smart Gallery
    We wanted to share some pics with the community of the smart car we assisted in customizing for Jason Britton. In case some of you may not be aware of who he is here is a little Bio: Jason Britton is an American stunt rider who grew up in Huntington Beach, California. It was here that he...
  10. Grazie, merci, gracias, thank you- KS!

    Smart Car Nationals 06/10
    I really don't know how else to say it... One week ago today, the 4 of us made our way to KS with one goal in mind- connect names to voices and faces. From the bottom of my heart we could never thank you enough for making us feel so welcomed. All we wanted to do at Nationals was the above-...
  11. Brabus Stock Springs vs. Smart Madness Sport Springs

    Interior & Exterior
    I am a new and excited Silver Brabus Smart owner. I plan to keep my Brabus relatively, stock, considering its a limited edition vehicle. Nevertheless, I am curious about the Smart Madness Sport Springs. I have read that the SM Sport Springs are a huge upgrade. But that is comparing them to stock...
  12. Solo Dual Tip exahust

    smart Modifications
    Hey fellow Smart car owners. I was wondering if anybody has ordered the dual tip Solo performance exhaust from Smart Madness or the Solo Performance website and has run it through a dyno since I have not seen any dyno numbers from Smart Madness or Solo themselves, I am a little leery of...
  13. Fancy a drive to SoCal for smarts and coffee? OK, donuts too :)

    Smart Owners Club of San Francisco
    Hi Bay Area smarties, Just wanted to extend a waving arm to you... as a fellow Bay Area'ian (is that a word?!) you are more than welcome to come on down to our shop- Smart Madness on Sunday, Jan 17th at 10am for smarts and coffee. We host the donuts and coffee, we then go for a friendly run...
  14. Come On Down for smarts and coffee!

    iesmartIEs Club
    Hello IE smarties! Just covering bases as it has been brought to our attention that we should share the event on 01/17th on SCOA and not just meetup... Come to our shop (Smart Madness) in Signal Hill, CA for smarts, coffee and donuts. You know the routine :) I start the perk/ brewer at the...
  15. Smart Madness smarts and coffee. Sunday, 01/17

    smart General Discussion
    Happy New Year Fellow smarts! We know it's a bit of a short notice but we wanted to get this out there... Sunday, January 17th, our shop, come on down at 10:00am. Come to our shop (Smart Madness), for coffee and donuts on us. Yes, I'll get "that brewer" ready to go for your arrival. As a kind...
  16. Shop Temporarily Closed

    Vendor Deals
    Good Morning All, Yup, it's sunrise for some and serious REM for others (which should be us) which segues to...The shop will be closed until Monday morning, which is when we'll resume our normal bus. hours. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but we're in dire need of a break...
  17. A mighty Thank You from Smart Madness (SmartGurl)

    smart General Discussion
    Dear Fellow smarts, Some of you may or may not know me, I'm the voice that answers the phone here at smart Madness- Rachel. I just wanted to take a moment to come into SCOA (because my partner Boris is usually active here) to say "thank you" for calling, asking questions, and for telling me...
  18. 1 Year Birthday Celebration in SoCal! Come on Down!

    Smart Owners Club of San Francisco
    To our smart Neighbors up North! You are invited to come on down on March 21st to celebrate with us the 1 year anniversary of the smart. We're planning and organizing, so the more smarts the merrier. Make it a weekend event that you won't want to miss :) If you have a meetup account, SoCal...
  19. Smart Madness to Sponsor Oct 4th Celebration

    So Cal Smarties
    I am happy to announce that Smart Madness has agreed to Sponsor our Oct 4th Celebration. Smart Madness will be giving away Smart related raffle prizes to lucky Smart owners. You have to be present to win. Please check their web site http://www.smartmadne... Event Sponsors Penske Smart...
  20. Smart Madness Demo Car

    Smart Madness Demo Car

    Shots of our demo car.