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  1. I need a Salvage Smart Electric or a Electric drive train from a smart car.

    smart General Discussion
    Hey. I've been desperately searching for a salvage Smart EQ for some time that I will be using on a homemade electric race car project. I need the Electric Motor, Battery pack, charging system and any other electronic system that helps to maintain the motor. I am willing to pay around 1000$ for...
  2. For Sale: 1999 Smartcar 450 - BODY ONLY - $1500 obo

    smart Vehicle Marketplace
    This is a never wrecked body with good title. The mechanical were removed for a project vehicle. Located in Tazewell TN. It is just a BODY.. The front wheel are not for sale
  3. Smart Problem/Stupid Problem

    New Members Area
    Hi everyone, I used to be like you and love my Smart Car, not so much anymore. I now think my car is a Stupid Car not a Smart Car. 2009 Passion. I have over 106,000 miles and have done all suggested maintence at Smart Car as well as an additional service just before 100,000 per my request as I...
  4. Perfect addition to your beverage routine

    Vendor Deals
    Wake up smart! Start your day off with 16 ounces of you favorite beverage in our appealing smart car mug. Made with stainless steel, double wall construction, and thermos style screw cap to be on the go with you and your busy lifestyle. Comes in in 5 vibrant colors each with laser...
  5. Give rides and make money!

    smart General Discussion
    Hello Fellow SmartCar Owners, Make money from your smartcar! Charge people to give rides. I co-founded an internet company called Tickengo which is perfect for all SmartCar owners, who tend to be pioneers and ecologically-minded. Simply go to and register your email address...
  6. Keep your groceries upright.....

    Tech & Gadgets the back of your fortwo! :D Clicky


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