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  1. 453
    What is the optimal snow tire size setup for a 2016?
  2. smart Parts Marketplace
    Four barely used Continental Snow Tires 175/55 R15 mounted on steel Smart ForTwo OEM wheels with OEM TPMS (W451 is the Smart model it fits) I no longer have the vehicle, but these worked out great last winter in Vermont The Smart OEM Wheel covers are also included, at this price. $600...
  3. Sept. 2017

    Tahoe City 2017
  4. Connecticut Chapter
    For anyone looking for winter tires, I posted in the parts for sale section. You can avoid shipping and/or sales tax buying these nearly-new tires. Tim
  5. smart Parts Marketplace
    I have a set of 4 nearly brand new Continental ContiWinter Contact tires 2x 155/60-15 2x 175/55-15 It probably makes the most sense for a local buyer in the greater NYC/NJ/Western CT area, but maybe there's a shipping option that's not too expensive. I'm asking $320 for the set and I'll throw...
  6. smart Wheels & Tires
    I've seen a few threads from a couple years ago on snow chains, what's the situation like today? Have tire sizes changed, what's the clearance like? The SMART car seems to be the only small car that allows chains. The Ford Fiesta, Kia Rio, they all make a new owner sign something saying that...
  7. Baby Cyclone's First Snow

    Our Baby Cyclone received his first snow in Firestone, CO on Oct. 25-26, 2011
  8. Snow!

    Snow December 2010 Portsmouth, Virginia
  9. Snow!

    Snow December 2010 Portsmouth, Virginia
  10. Snow!

    Snow December 2010 Portsmouth, Virginia
  11. My topless smart in the Georgia snow!

    My topless smart in the GEORGIA snow!
  12. Snow Storm Dec09

    the sonata, the smart is in the garage:)
  13. Snow Storm Dec09

    my grill
  14. Snow Storm Dec09

    path for the dogs
  15. Snow Storm Dec09

    dog's gotta go too
  16. smart General Discussion But I also know if I had snow tiers it would do better. I like to know from others out there in Smart Land what you are doing regarding the Ice and Snow. Chains can be used too but no idea where to get them. Merry Christmas to all Frohe Weihnachten:angel:
  17. smart Operation and Maintenance
    My wife discovered this morning that snow quickly disables the ABS sensors and triggers warning lights which according to Smart indicate that the car should absolutely not be driven. She called the dealer and they suggested that a warm car wash might clean the sensors and fix the problem. No...
1-18 of 26 Results