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  1. Engine noise

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    I've recently put an engine from a salvage Fortwo with around 40k miles on it and 2 days after the install it started making this sound. I'm not sure if it's a belt or pulley because those came off of the old engine that had been sitting for 2 years but it makes this sound on cold starts and...
  2. FAQ: Resonator box

    smart General Discussion
    can anyone post a video/sound difference with resonator and without? some people swear sound will scrambled your brains out:confused:, others dont mind:p. thank you guys
  3. The Most Insane Smart I've Ever Seen!

    smart Videos
    Wow! I don't think I have ever seen a smart done up this much that didn't involve turning it into a monster truck or limo. Wow! :eek:
  4. Speakers

    smart General Discussion
    Would it do any good to upgrade the front speakers for better sound quality? Anyone did this yet?
  5. Polk Audio Db531 Installation

    Polk Audio Db531 Installation

    Shows additional sound damping necessary to achieve good sound
  6. Question about sound system

    smart General Discussion
    My wife and I bought our Smart Passion Coupe three days ago and we're absolutely loving it! The only disappointment I have at all is the lack of rear speakers. We went with the upgraded sound system, and as far as I know there was no sound-related option which we did not purchase aside from...
  7. Mirrors Vibrating

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    So right since I got my car, there has been a major buzzing sound at certain RPM's (and certain frequencies after I put my sub in). When I say major, I mean really loud, and very abrasive. When I got a check engine light after the 1st 150 miles, I noted that to the dealer as I dropped the car...