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  1. Smart 453 Customized Rear Speaker Stereo System

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  2. Has anyone successfully removed interior and exterior door panels on a 453?

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    Hi all, first time posting and only recently acquired my 2015 Smart Fortwo 453. The first modification I'm going to be doing is upgrading the awful factory speakers, I've tried removing the door panel (interior and exterior) but it would appear the wheel arch is in the way of removing the...
  3. Speaker Upgrade Without Tweeters?

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    Howdy y'all, I'm fairly certain my cabrio doesn't have the tweeters/other fun prizes that come with the upgraded sound system. Would it be a waste of time/money to replace the stock door speakers without adding tweeters or a subwoofer? My main goal is to make sound from aux sources have clearer...
  4. Time Lapse of speaker replacement in door

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    I made a quick time lapse video of me replacing the driver side door speaker on my 2009 passion Cabrio. It was a lot simpler than I thought it would be. Only hard part was putting the body panel back on. If you get frustrated with it, just walk away for a minute or 2 and try again. Once you...
  5. Wanted: OEM 451 front door speakers

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    Looking for a pair of OEM front door speakers from a 451. I know most people probably just threw them away, but I'm hoping someone may have held on to them. :) Thanks!
  6. Specs of Factory Speakers?

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    Hey everybody. I just wanted to know if anybody can get the specs (frequency response, power handling, efficiency) of the factory speakers. I'm ready to replace my speakers with some Polk MM651 coax speakers and I wanted to compare the specs of the two speakers. Also, when I tune my Pioneer...
  7. HELP! (450) Adding door speakers (wire prob)

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    Hi guys, I'm trying to add speakers to my doors and I'm about to give up. Many someone could give me a point in the right direction. I've taken the panels out, cut the holes, added speakers BUT HAVENT A CLUE on where I'm supposed to attach the wires from the speakers to. I can't seem to find...
  8. Are These The Same Speakers (And Many Other Questions)?

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    Hey everybody. I have been thinking for the past couple of years to upgrade my premium sound system speakers. I already did the head unit, which made a world of a difference, but now it's time for some side speakers. After talking with the guys at Smart Madness about price versus performance, I...
  9. Speakers

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    Would it do any good to upgrade the front speakers for better sound quality? Anyone did this yet?
  10. replaced my door speakers yesterday

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    A friend said one of the biggest differences in sound between speakers of equal size, is the size of the magnet. That would explain the incredible difference in sound when my son and I installed new door speakers yesterday. We put in Infinity Reference 6032cf 6.5" speakers, that I got off ebay...
  11. Polk Audio Db531 Installation

    Polk Audio Db531 Installation

    Shows additional sound damping necessary to achieve good sound
  12. Avic U310bt Install

    Avic U310bt Install

    My aftermarket mods-- Polk Speakers; Pioneer AVIC 310BT dash unit; arm rest
  13. Latest mod

    Indiana Chapter
    Last night I performed my latest mod to my smart. I installed Kicker 07DS650 2-way speakers in the doors to replace the originals. All I can say is WOW!!! I didn't realize what I was missing. The sound is so much clearer, and I can now CRANK IT UP. I still have the original radio 9, so I'm not...
  14. Question about sound system

    smart General Discussion
    My wife and I bought our Smart Passion Coupe three days ago and we're absolutely loving it! The only disappointment I have at all is the lack of rear speakers. We went with the upgraded sound system, and as far as I know there was no sound-related option which we did not purchase aside from...
  15. My little real estate car is SMART.

    New Members Area
    I needed something that I can run across the county in without getting the sweats over the gas price. Size presents certain trade offs that I can live with. Had it about a week and making a list of a few tweaks needed. Wind noise at the front left side othe panaromic roof. Seems no to be...
  16. Premium sound (5 speakers) crossover question.

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    I want to replace the door speakers and add an additional pair of tweeters in the door. I purchased a POLK AUDIO DB6501 6.5" COMPONENT system which comes with a pair of 6.5" speakers for the door, a pair of tweeters (which I'll also mount on the door), and two crossovers. My question is that...
  17. Door Speaker Installation -- Shortcuts and Recommendations

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    First off, let me say thanks to Evilution for their wonderfully detailed and illustrated instructions. Without them, I would have been in for a really unpleasant time. I installed door speakers yesterday (Polk DB651) and came up with a way to make the process a lot easier. I used the door...
  18. Priceless

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    REMOVED: smart premium sound system, $350 ADDED; after 13 hours of labor that gutted the entire interior: Pioneer Avic-D3X;Bluetooth, Ipod, XM NavTraffic Alpine PDX-5;5-channel car amplifier; 75 watts RMS x 4 + 300 watts RMS x 1; under passenger sear Front; Boston Acoustics Pro60; 6-3/4"...