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  1. Top speed? 450 s. mann smart turbo

    smart General Discussion
    ok general question, let me explain first.. my 450 smart (2005 turbo with s.mann mods) pegs at 80+ or so on the speedo.. but what is the top speed? the reason i ask, driving to the movies down an interstate in upstate NY where its rural, (cows, farms, not much of anything).. Im doing 75 with...
  2. The Car Show Slams smart

    smart General Discussion
    Hey everybody. I just watched The Car Show on SPEED channel. They did a segment called 0-60 and they were talking about 3 cylinders. One of them mentioned the smart and I remember them saying "it's dangerous, it's slow, it's dangerously slow." I would get a link, but it's troublesome when I'm on...
  3. Highway Driving

    Canada Chapter
    I am planning to drive my Passion from Halifax to Montreal. Any advice for this kind of highway driving.