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  1. 453
    I've been driving this to work over two months with GPS app running on the phone. And the speedometer is off showing faster than it's actually doing. At 70mph it's 4.5 mph slower than the speedo is displaying. It's even worse at 90+ but that's because it's a linear progression. Suspect that...
  2. Coupe's Smartie

    Random photos of my 2010 Passion Smart Car and my dogs. Having fun with it.
  3. New Members Area
    we got our esmart about 10 days ago. We really like it and are learning to work with the restrictions that come with EV driving. A couple of issues though: 1. There is no cruise control. We waited 4 months to get an EV with cruise control, but after it arrived, the sales guy said that the car...
  4. smart Operation and Maintenance
    Oh you guys are gonna love this: - I was going 75MPH for 15 minutes just now, it felt a bit windy so I took my eyes and hands off the road (oh relax; my knee can hold the wheel) while i checked the scangauge. I was traveling at 90MPH the whole time.:think: -is the speedometer broken since...
  5. Interior & Exterior
    Can anyone offer any instructions (and, as always, photos would be nice) for getting into the light pipes leading to the various warning lights in the speedometer pod? I managed to do the rest of my cruise control install with no problems (other than major-league back pains), but could not...
  6. Interior & Exterior Styling
    For the 451 model, special order, available in Miles or KM U$ 155 or CAD $ 200
1-6 of 6 Results