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  1. D.C. Sightings

    Saw this Infront of Sephoras in Georgetown:
  2. Spotted


    Spotted fortwo on road
  3. So yesterday...........

    smart General Discussion
    I'm on my way home from work on Maricamp Road (464) in Ocala and this little red bug passes me like a flash. HEY....... It's a red Smartie Cabriolet. That's the first one I have seen. Darn I want one. I'll have to get down to Orlando and check them out.
  4. Saw another Smart on the Road today! (PNW)

    Pacific NorthWest Region
    I was tooling down NW 23rd and another Smart came toward me. We honked, waved and smiled. It was great. :D I've got a feeling there a handful of Portlanders that are going home tonight telling their families "Those Smart cars are everywhere - I saw 2 at lunchtime!" Ha ha. In 11 days since...