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  1. For Sale: Brand New 451 Brabus Springs

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    I couldn't pass up Flying Tiger's sale on the US Brabus suspension set, received them today, fresh from BC (thank you). I was only after the dampers and so im selling the Brabus Springs, brand new from Flying Tiger. Asking $180 Shipped.
  2. Brabus Sport Suspension (A4518970200) Struts+Springs!!!

    Archive/obsolete (?) threads
    Hello, I am selling a set of Brabus Sport Suspension for the Smart 451 that came off my 09 factory Brabus Smart, I am looking to get $475 obo for the entire setup, considering it is a setup that retails for $1,082.92 that's well over 50%+ off retail pricing!. OEM Smart part number for this kit...
  3. Factory springs and shocks

    Archive/obsolete (?) threads
    Taken off 2009 smart passion with 6k miles. $125 obo Prefer local buyer in Silicon Valley/SF Bay Area, but can ship at buyer's expense. papasin at gmail dot com
  4. Stock Spring Specs?

    Interior & Exterior
    I'm looking to have a set of custom springs made. Does anyone know: - inside diameter - length - wire gauge/diameter Thanks!
  5. Budget Suspension Mod

    smart Modifications
    Feeling my Passion's suspension a bit mushy, I thought--what would the NASCAR guys do? I went to NAPA and bought 2 sets of front rubber coil spring "stabilizers," NAPA # 704-1279 ($4.89 each). I turned the install over to a local tire shop. What an improvement! Better cornering, better ride...