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  1. Weird honking/squealing noise randomly front passenger side...

    smart General Discussion
    Hello all, and thanks for your help in advance! I’m new to the Smart family as I just purchased a 2009 Smart Brabus. The maintenance has been super easy so far (changing oil & changing transmission fluid) but there’s a weird squealing noise at low speeds while turning mainly. There’s no kind...
  2. Squeal noise starting out

    smart General Discussion
    On my 2009 Brabus Cabriolet if I leave it out overnight (Florida) ...when I pull out of the driveway the next morning it squeaks like it needs some lubrication somewhere. Any ideas what I can do.?
  3. Name that Fan or motor - and win a prize!

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    my 2014 smart with 42K has a fan or motor grown coming from the front of the car mostly when you shut it off. I believe it is the fan that stays on a few seconds after you shut off the car. WHICH fan would that be? A few weeks back the noise was intermittent and sounded like an old shop vac...
  4. Front wheel squealing/scraping

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    I've now taken my car in 3 separate times (for a total of 8.5 hours) for this issue, and it's not being resolved at the dealership. so, i'm asking you fine people for insight. I've had my smart since march 28th. i've put 7,300 miles on it, thus far. around april (1,200ish miles) i noticed that...