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  1. SRS Light on, then entire SRS module "dead"

    smart General Discussion
    I had my car in for service Mid-January (2year), went on vacation, and within 2 weeks of REALLY cold temps, my SRS came on last weekend. When I went to Eurocar / Smartcar Annapolis, they couldn't even talk to the SRS module. They wanted to know who installed the MDC Cruise Control, and...
  2. SRS Light problem and question

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    Good day My SRS light came on last week on my 2011 Passion,:confused: my neighbor who is a Master Mercedes mechanic, the car was connected to the "Star MB computer" and the determination results were fault code in the "Door preasure sensor". UNFORTUNATLY he is unable to get any further...
  3. Back to the shop again

    smart General Discussion
    I'm taking my smart back to PsC tomorrow. It started showing the SRS light on all the time. I also noticed that in the short span of time we get sunlight here in Oregon, my headlights stay on in auto mode. The window is clean so I don't understand why. I know that sometimes during daylight they...
  4. How to reset Airgbag light

    smart General Discussion
    My smart car airbag light came on recently. I have been playing with the seats lately and that could be the problem i suspect. I would be grateful if any body has any tool to reset the airbag light, or know what the possible problem and solutions are. Is there any connector in the airbag...