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  1. Car Won't Start, Doesn't Move Through Gears

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    First, thanks ahead of time for any suggestions. I am quickly running out of my own ideas on this one, hopefully someone here has seen this problem before. I will try to be as thorough as I can describing the problem, and things I have checked so far, based on what I have found searching the...
  2. Help, semi-emergency: Starter removal on 2006 Cabrio??

    Original (450) smart fortwo
    I have my 2006 Cabrio sitting on the rack of a local garage as I type this, and no one there can figure out how to get to the starter!!! Can anyone help me??? Please call or text me at 615-439-0881 Thanks Tom in Tennessee [EDIT: I called several smart canada locations, and was told they...
  3. Good Morning from Colorado

    New Members Area
    Love my Smart for two (2005) Driving a Smart in Germany on the Autobahn is great! People show more respect! Got myself a ticket on I25! The cop banged on my window laughing and said, …my partner and I did not think this car could go this fast!!!! Went 75 in a 65, so he said. I was in the middle...