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  1. smart fortwo (451 - US vehicle)
    Hey. I have had my 2013 Smart ForTwo for almost 2 years now. At the moment, it is trying to turn over, but it just can't start. I have just recently replaced both the starter and battery, and I have no idea what it could be. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. smart General Discussion
    So my car has displaying some starting issues for awhile now. Sometimes it just struggles to start. Other times you can hear the starter keep trying until it fires off. I have attached a link to a video displaying both situations. Please note I have changed the spark plugs (iridiums) recently...
  3. smart Operation and Maintenance
    I have a 2009 Smart Passion. Was working perfectly until today. I can't seem to get it started. I put my foot on the brake, insert the key into ignition, all proper lights come on during normal start. Display shows car to be in "Park". Engine begins to turn over but car will not start. I...
  4. New Members Area
    I have a 2008 SmartCar for two (Pure) in Houston and left the key in the accessory position for 5 days and it was dead. Tried jumping per manual, but no start. Replaced battery - no start, just some clicking in the back. I noticed that it is locked in park and I can't shift it to back out of...
  5. smart General Discussion
    In the cold of winter do I need to start my smart and let it warm up? And also if I start my smart and go back in the house will the doors lock? And how well do the heated seats and heater work? And are the mirrors heated? Jeremy
  6. smart Operation and Maintenance
    Hi folks, My battery keeps dying seemingly for no reason. Everything's turned off and there's nothing plugged into the power outlet. If I let the car sit without starting it at least once every five days, the next time I get in to start the car it won't turn over because the battery is too...
1-6 of 6 Results