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steering column

  1. 2015 Pure ForTwo with coolant leak causing blown head gasket

    New Members Area
    Hi, I am leasing a 2015 Smart For Two Pure, with about 16K miles. Recently ran into the following dilemma : The car was being driving on city streets when it started sputtering and losing power, then stalled and wouldn't start. The check engine light was lit at that point. I had it towed home...
  2. Hello Everybody-new member from California

    New Members Area
    Hi Everybody: I'm sorry to say my new member status comes after my Smart Car 'broke' in Burns, Oregon. It has been carried (not towed) to Portland Mercedes Benz for authorized SCar repair. The steering locked while towing it and I don't yet know what the damage is - or who's to blame. I just...
  3. Extending steering column

    smart General Discussion
    Smart Forfour is a perfect car for me, except that I almost have to lean forward to get to the steering wheel when I have the seat in the backmost position, which I need because of my long legs. Is there any way to extend the steering column about 10 cm? (a tad under 4 inches). Thanks for any...