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  1. smart General Discussion
    Do they make a quick release steering hub for the 451? The off shape of the stock wheel often has me grabbing for air instead of wheel on track days. I’m hoping a more round wheel will do remedy this issue, and look a bit better in the little guy.
  2. New Members Area
    Hello all. I am a new Smart car owner. I have purchased a 2012 Smart Fortwo 451 Passion Cabrio with only 420 miles (it has all the bells and whistles from what I can tell on it) from my in-laws. Here are my questions: (Before you ask: Yes, I have read through hundreds of comments on other posts...
  3. smart General Discussion
    Hi back again,I´m having some worries about the appearance of this triangle warning light just turning left and stays until I turn off the car. What could it be? I have some hints of what it could be but I´m open for advices. Thx
  4. 453
    carbon fiber steering wheel Hi guys, So I was doing my research on my future mods, and I found this: I contacted the sale guy and he said he used genuine carbon fiber to construct the steering wheel and told me that he has the non-paddle shifters version in stock (He bought OEM basic...
1-4 of 4 Results