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  1. 453
    I’m looking to replace the stereo on my 453 (2016) to a touchscreen display. Will this unit work? Vanku 10.1" Single Din Android 10 Car Stereo with Fastboot, GPS, WiFi, Support Android Auto, Backup Camera, USB/SD, Detachable Touch Screen by Bztone Learn more...
  2. Audio & Video
    Any recommendations for speaker/amp/sub on a 453 with base speaker setup? How many speakers would I need and what sizes?
  3. Audio & Video
    Hi folks, please be patient with me, I don't know a lot about car stereos... I have a 2018 Fortwo Passion. Here is what I would like: Pioneer AVH-3300NEX...
  4. Audio & Video
    Has anyone had any experience with on of these after market stereo systems? It's more of a full car system than just stereo. I'm thinking of getting one and hooking a backup camera to it but just wondering if anyone else has had experience to see how well it works...
  5. smart Parts Marketplace
    Last fall I returned my leased Smart ForTwo and I have several aftermarket parts that are in perfect condition that I removed from the car before returning it... See other posts for Eibach lowering springs, or 17" Genius Darwin Wheels. Looking to sell this complete stereo package, including...
  6. smart General Discussion
    I'm planning on adding a powered sub with amp to the factory stereo. I haven't had a chance to pull the stereo and take a look at the back of it or in behind it just yet. I looked around, but couldn't really find a post about adding to the factory stereo. Is there any special connectors I'm...
  7. Audio & Video
    Really all I want is a double-din stereo with USB and AUX (have AUX currently but I hate it being in the glove box). Any suggestions on what one to get? I was searching here for something cheap but I have no idea whats compatible with my smart. makes it look as easy as moving one...
  8. New Members Area
    Hello everyone. Just took delivery of 2013 Cabriolet. Want to upgrade stock radio to a Sirius/MP3 unit. I have read a few posts about install kits, etc but first need help to decide what model will 1) fit and 2) be decent (I do not want a big deal stereo). Open to suggestions. Please respond...
  9. New Members Area
    Really digging the hill-hold feature! 2009 cabriolet with only 6,000 miles. Installed arm rest, and woudlliek advice about an upgraded sound system (tweeters in door, sub-woofer in rear, and upgraded door 6.5" mid range?) Also wanting to get 250 Smart cars fora photo shoot and drive around Twin...
  10. Audio & Video
    I just got a 2013 Passion coupe and want to put an after market double din DVD player in it. I've got the player from my last car but I can't find a wire harness or a radio antenna adapter, or a dash install kit for a 2013 model anywhere. Even the installers I call around town are stumped. Any...
  11. New Members Area
    I've owned my Green on black 2011 Smart Pure since December 2011, and I really love it. My comments so far: Pro's: Excellent gas mileage, stable on the road, fantastic visibility at all angles, roomy inside for 1 driver and 1 passenger, and I get a lot of admiring stares from other folks on the...
  12. smart General Discussion
    Hello everyone, First post here although a long time reader. I have a certain problem and I cant find a solution... i have a 2008 smart. i recently bought from the US the highline bosch radio. I installed it and found out it was working fine... BUT i have the following problems: 1. screen...
  13. Modifications and Repairs
    Hi, I've just purchased a Soundstream multimedia headunit to install in my 2002 Smart Fortwo. What is the best way to go about the installation? Should I simply hardwire the device to the car or is there a wiring harness option for a Smart 450? Thanks in advance!
  14. Audio & Video
    So I went to my car this morning and found my car was in a state of disarray. Somehow someone got into my car with or without setting off the alarm, and without breaking any glass, although the back corners of both side windows are covered in fingerprints. This leads me to believe they simply...
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1-20 of 34 Results