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  1. BRABUS Gear Selection Sticker & Key Ring Color

    Vendor Deals
    Hi Check these Brabus sticker and key ring!! BRABUS Gear Selection Sticker - link (smartPitStop) Gear selection diagram sticker. Fits between gear lever and key switch. Key Ring Color - link (smartPitStop) Brown, red and blue, 100% polyester, with carabiner, logo and print "open your...
  2. Scoa Sticker

    Scoa Sticker

    I put the SCOA sticker on the lower right part of the back window. Since my Smart is blue, I thought the blue part would not show up.
  3. Advertising? There was a check box for "wraps" and "stickers"

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    I wonder if thats actually an offer someone makes to Smart car owners... And just how much an advertising wrap might go for... I just "Took Delivery" of my Metallic Silver (with black Cell and red interior:D) Yesterday!! And driving this thing around is already practically like being part of a...