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  1. Storing fortwo for 3 months - what to do?

    smart General Discussion
    Just wondering if there are precautions to take for 3 month storage of a smart fortwo? Though various web people suggest putting the car up on blocks, my local Mercedes dealer says the car is so light, there is no need to lift it. He did suggest a battery tender though. Yes, and I'll be...
  2. Tailgate Cubby Organization

    Interior & Exterior
    Hey everyone. Today I bought some of those closed cell foam "puzzle piece" mats to use in my kitchen to make standing at the counter while cooking and brewing a little more comfy. I had a couple leftover tiles, and thought about a new use for them. I had a bunch of stuff in my tailgate...
  3. Anyone ever had a dead battery ?...

    smart General Discussion
    i got a dumb question, probably posted before.. my 450 05 S. Mann Smart has the 3 bars of death once, got it going, and then parked it in my garage at my other (summer) home..the dome lite must have been on as the battery is flat.. the battery is only a year old, its been in storage a couple...
  4. Novel idea (auto-backpack)

    Interior & Exterior
    Found this on youtube . . . looks like it is only sold in Germany/EU but it's a novel idea
  5. What Direction is JetFuel Headed?

    smart General Discussion
    Take a look. Vote on which way you think JetFuel is headed! Saw this while we were slaying the Dragon so I had to stop on the way back down and take a picture. :)
  6. 2009 Cabrio luggage space w/top down?

    New Members Area
    What can I expect for 2009 Cabrio luggage space with the top down? We are picking up a new Cabrio in Lake Bluff, IL early July by taking the ferry across Lake Michigan. We plan on visiting friends in Wisconsin before driving back to West Michigan. Does anyone have photos slowing the Cabrio...
  7. Almost Full Smart

    Almost Full Smart

    Over $200 in groceries and supplies
  8. Almost Full Smart

    Almost Full Smart

    Over $200 in groceries and supplies
  9. DIY - Additional storage for the boot area

    smart Modifications
    Hey, Just added net pocket to the boot area. Here is step by step. 1. Get the metal coat hanger. Cut and bend it to the shape of boot pocket (see pictures). . . 2. Boot pocket already have cutouts for the wire to install. . 3. I used trunk storage net I found in my garage. I...
  10. Keep your groceries upright.....

    Tech & Gadgets the back of your fortwo! :D Clicky