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  1. blown OEM underseat subwoofer disconnect?

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    hi! ive got a 2015 smart fortwo passion with the fancier radio option and the under-seat sub. recently a friend of mine cranked the radio up much too loud and the under-seat woofer got blown and now it just rattles.:shrug: i was wondering if there was a way to unplug or disable the sub without...
  2. Smart 453 Customized Rear Speaker Stereo System

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  3. For Sale: Factory hi-line touchscreen radio, dash tweeters, subwoofer, gauge pods, etc. (SOLD)

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    Hello Smart folks! I am a Smart/Benz tech at Euro Motorcars in Germantown, MD. I leased a 2012 Pure, and just recently turned in the lease. During my years with my smart, I was able to upgrade the car with some nice items... I get really good deals because of where I work! Everything is OEM...
  4. Adding a Sub to the factory stereo

    smart General Discussion
    I'm planning on adding a powered sub with amp to the factory stereo. I haven't had a chance to pull the stereo and take a look at the back of it or in behind it just yet. I looked around, but couldn't really find a post about adding to the factory stereo. Is there any special connectors I'm...
  5. Behind or under the seat Sub

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    I've said I wouldn't get anything past my two speakers and a head unit but I caught the fever :( I got a Rockford Fosgate PBR300x4 and my two JL speakers are going to be wired to it on saturday. I don't think thats going to give me the oomph in the bass that I was hoping my expensive speakers...
  6. Factory Sub Speaker Replacement

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    Just wondering if anyone has replaced the stock subwoofer speakers under the seat? What brand / size woofer did you use?
  7. The Most Insane Smart I've Ever Seen!

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    Wow! I don't think I have ever seen a smart done up this much that didn't involve turning it into a monster truck or limo. Wow! :eek:
  8. WANTED: Smart under seat Subwoofer

    Archive/obsolete (?) threads
    No, my subwoofer is great. So good that I want to put one in my Toyota Matrix. Going to upgrade her stereo this 2011 and think it will be perfect! Thanks.
  9. Patching into the standard wiring harness?

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    Hello all, I had the dealer (sub-contractor) install the Kenwood DNX 6020 EX in my smart a few weeks ago and reading about all of the audio upgrades got me to thinking... From what I can tell he used the factory wiring harness with some kind of breakout adapter. Just by the feel of the floor...
  10. OEM smart underseat SUBWOOFER for sale (SOLD)

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    Works great, but upgrading to bigger system. $150/OBO (plus shipping). Email me at my forum name at mac dot com.
  11. Kiker 10 In Fiberglass Box

    Kiker 10 In Fiberglass Box

    i made this box and it sounds amazing.
  12. Classy Subwoofer Install Elemental Designs

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    Hello All, I CANNOT TAKE CREDIT FOR THIS INSTALL, Just Passing it along as it was done with love and Class. ICIXSound.COM Forums - Smart ForTwo EU-700 sub install thread Here are the woofer specs. Elemental Designs I Have 4 of these woofers in my cherokee. Woah do they hit and not that kind...
  13. Radio10, Subwoofer, and/or tweeters - steady supply

    Archive/obsolete (?) threads
    Radio10 (and soon:) Subwoofer and/or tweeters Have a Smart without tunes or a Radio9 that you'd love to load with hours of MP3 disks? Not satisfied with the tinny sound of the door speakers? Radio10 - $80. Shipping is additional. There are many more where these came from. No more at the...
  14. 4smartcar Subwoofer Enclosure

    4smartcar Subwoofer Enclosure

    Subwoofer enclosure is tucked up high
  15. Can't See The 4smartcar Subwoofer

    Can't See The 4smartcar Subwoofer

    The subwoofer is not visible from the passenger seat and your foot cannot touch it.
  16. 4smartcar Enclosure Bracket

    4smartcar Enclosure Bracket

    Rear bracket to enclosure
  17. 4smartcar Subwoofer Enclosure

    4smartcar Subwoofer Enclosure

    front mount to dash frame of subwoofer enclosure
  18. New Audio System AVIC-F90BT

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    Just got our smart passion coupe back from an audio upgrade. Installed: Pioneer AVIC-Z3 Nav/BlueTooth/Ipod/Sat Radio Pioneer 4-Channel Amp PRS-D4200F - installed behind the driver's seat Pioneer 8" Subwoofer TS-SW841D - including a custom fabricated housing which is mounted on the left side of...
  19. Priceless

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    REMOVED: smart premium sound system, $350 ADDED; after 13 hours of labor that gutted the entire interior: Pioneer Avic-D3X;Bluetooth, Ipod, XM NavTraffic Alpine PDX-5;5-channel car amplifier; 75 watts RMS x 4 + 300 watts RMS x 1; under passenger sear Front; Boston Acoustics Pro60; 6-3/4"...
  20. Speed sensor, reverse sensor wires

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    Hi - anyone know how to hook up the speed and reverse wires from the Avic-F90BT to the smart 451? Also, I haven't opened up the console yet, but how is the subwoofer connected? I have the radio 10 upgrade. Thanks in advance!