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  1. Interior & Exterior
    I purchased my smart car new in January 2008 and recently my sun shade has been giving me trouble. From other threads I hear the replacement cost is north of $400 and having taken it apart I decided repair was my best option, despite a lack of repair kits or other documentation. Here is how I...
  2. Shade

    Shade can be used for roof top.
  3. Shade

    Shade can be used for roof top.
  4. Shade

    Shade can be used for roof top.
  5. smart Operation and Maintenance
    My sunshade started to squeak today. I saw the back left corner of the sunshade moving like it was not attached to anything. I climbed in the back of the back and looked on top of the sunshade to find that the plastic nipple part of the roof that the sun shades screws screw into was broken away...
  6. smart General Discussion
    This morning I finished up the installation of my "Bully Bar" stainless bumper guard and side rail set from SmartCarParts, It went on pretty simply and in my opinion looks bomb as hell. I also installed the billet aluminum grill set from SmartBillet..ohh, and notice my SCOA license plate frame...
1-6 of 6 Results