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  1. smart General Discussion
    Background of the car…2013 passion. Bought it for $1200. Original engine had no compression on #2&#3. Fast forward 2 years and find a 2009 brabus subframe with running engine complete for $1500. I do the swap. As I’m learning I struggled with the parking brake handle , guy cut abs line and brake...
  2. smart General Discussion
    Around two months ago I'd asked if there was any way to put a B or K series, but realized it's not possible without a fair amount of fabrication. A more realistic hope was if the smaller D-series could fit, but I've yet to find much or anything on it. So, does anyone know of any swaps that can...
  3. DCsmart
    I currently have silver panels on my 2009 Passion Coupe and I feel like changing it up. Why?... because we can! Anyone want to trade panels? Mine are in pretty good condition. There are a few nicks in it from pebbles on the highway, but other than that they're great.
  4. Florida Chapter
    hello... i just got my smart... and i would love to temporally swap 1 piece just to see if it looks good... my is passion red from 2008.... if you want to try with me... please email me... or tell me where can i get 1 cheap... thanks franco :)
  5. Smart Car Nationals 06/10
    Just brainstorming here. Some smart centers do a lot of custom audio upgrades and end up with stock radios left over. How about sending those to the Nationals where we can match them up with Pure owners looking for radios? Same could be done with folks who did DIY audio upgrades; bring your...
  6. New Members Area
    Hi everyone, just joined the forum. My 2008 Passion Coupe is Yellow, with the power steering option. I've got around 7K miles on it and live in NC, Winston-Salem region. I'd be up for a panel swap, email if you are interested.
  7. New Members Area
    Anyone out there looking for some :rainfro:Retro-Red panels to swap? (the NON-Rally Red that is). Hoping to switch to White or Grey -> / / ->:party:
  8. Illinois Chapter
    Anyone interested in swapping body panels? My 2008 ForTwo Yellow for your Black. I'm located in the Southwest suburbs of Chicago.
  9. New Members Area
    I'm interested in swapping body panels of my yellow 2008 ForTwo for black. I am located in the Southwest suburbs of Chicago. Anyone interested?
  10. Audio & Video
    Compared to some of the high end sound systems done by others this is no big deal, but I'm happy it was as easy as everyone said to swap the Radio 9 for a Radio 10. :) Thanks to garys out in Oregon for a great offer on his Radio 10; that will be payed forward shortly with our Radio 9. Kudos...
  11. Delivery 1-21-08

    A couple of pics from my delivery at Smart Center Portland.
1-11 of 12 Results