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  1. Tailgate Cargo Liner

    Interior & Exterior
    Hello folks; I've had my Smart in center city Philadelphia for a few months now, and it's working out great. I've done a few very minor mods (rubber liners for the storage wells in the dash and glovebox, cruise control) and was interested to know if anyone had any experience finding a liner for...
  2. Tailgate release handle broken

    smart General Discussion
    Hi, I need help finding out how to fix the tailgate release handle on my 2009 Smart Cabriolet. If anyone knows what this part # is and where I can find it I would be very thankful. If anyone has a link to a guid on how to install it I would be even more thankful I would much rather do it...
  3. Tailgate Cubby Organization

    Interior & Exterior
    Hey everyone. Today I bought some of those closed cell foam "puzzle piece" mats to use in my kitchen to make standing at the counter while cooking and brewing a little more comfy. I had a couple leftover tiles, and thought about a new use for them. I had a bunch of stuff in my tailgate...
  4. Tailgate Issue

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    Greetings, I am having trouble with the tailgate on my smart fortwo cabrio. When I go to open it by using the handle on the tailgate, I can hear the right side disengage for opening but not the left side and as a result, it is remaining jammed closed. Are there fuses that control the...
  5. Tailgate Button Broken - how to open?

    smart Operation and Maintenance
    I must have hit the tailgate button when loading a spare tire the other day. I can't open the tailgate because it won't unlatch on the side that I think I hit. It appears to be broken right at the top since it wobbles and pivots just below the hole that the button protrudes from. The button...
  6. Replace/repair release lever on tailgate

    New Members Area
    Hi everyone, Quick question for you: Can someone direct me to information on how to replace or repair one of the two plastic release levers on the tailgate of my 2008 Fortwo Passion? One of the levers is now flimsy and doesn't unlock its side of the tailgate, so the gate cannot be brought down...
  7. Slow open tailgate?

    Interior & Exterior
    Has anyone else thought it would be nice to have damped or controlled letdown shock absorbers for the tailgate support cables. A small cylindrical dashpot of sorts that would attach inline with the cable would be nice. Of course the cable would have to be shortened. It would be a nice touch...
  8. Tailgating In The Smart

    Tailgating In The Smart

    Halle and Morgan enjoy the Smart at the Norcal Meet